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Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 4 Part 2

Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 4 Part 2


Kana was screaming and shaking me furiously. Screaming telepathically right into my mind, too, which is more dizzying than you might suspect.

"What? What?!"

"You stupid, stupid mortal!" she cursed. "You brought in a priest?! And a druid?!"

"What? Oh, the elves?"

"They're trying to consecrate the estate you dummy! You have to stop them! I could be trapped in here!"

"Huh?" was what came out of my mouth, but my mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts.

There was understandable confusion and panic, of course, as I was in the buff in bed, having just been woken up and not even a cup of coffee yet. And other thoughts flickered in my mind: Kana's panic. She never panicked. This was odd. Her breasts were swaying in the most tantalizing way as she shook me. Her wild hair looked really sexy on her, like some sort of untamed jungle girl. And what was this about her being trapped? That could be an interesting bargaining chip...

Her eyes widened. Anger? Panic? Both? :Don't you dare think about that!:

Right. Don't think about pink elephants.

Her hands flew to my neck and she began throttling me. :You have to stop them! If you trap me here I swear I'll make your life Hell! Hell!:

I couldn't get a word out while fighting desperately not to be strangled. My thoughts were all over the place. I tried to think, :Alright! Alright!: but it was all mixed in there with all the other thoughts. The idea of power over her for a change was so alluring I really couldn't stop imagining the possibilities. That, of course, didn't help things at the moment.

:Get out of my head!: I thought at her.

It was in our contract. She immediately obeyed. Maybe it was the devil instinct in her to obey their soul contracts. Whatever the case, it gave her pause and I quickly wriggled out of her murderous grip.

Honestly, what was she thinking? If she had killed me, our contract would have been void. In hindsight, I suppose I could have let her kill me, but I had my whole life ahead of me and so many things to savour in life that I was willing to still leave my soul beholden to Hell.

Is that screwed up?

Anyway, too late now.

"Kana, we all think a lot of things, but we don't mean all of them."

She scowled at me, unconvinced.

"What's going on?"

"Those elf girls! One's a druid and the other a priest. Between the two of them they are trying to consecrate that big tree in the garden. This whole estate is being consecrated."


"What do you mean 'so'? This will be holy ground! I won't be able to--"

She caught herself.


Her lips remained firmly pursed. Clearly she had said too much.

"What's this about being trapped?"

"Just-- Just stop them! ... Please? Um... I'll be grateful. VERY grateful..."

She came on to me all sex-kitten-like and rubbed my chest. Not a trace of anger or panic or any of the other emotions she had started the morning with. It was amazing, yet shocking and sobering to see how she could completely change her mien just like snapping her fingers. Was everything she did just an act?

"You're trapped right now, aren't you?" I pressed.

"No! No, of course not. Not yet."

It was my turn to look unconvinced.

"But soon! And that means I won't be able to stay here. I won't be able to help you. *We* won't have any fun anymore."

She licked her lips and leaned in close, a breath away from a kiss from her sensuous lips.

I had no doubt that behind her bedroom eyes was a wild demon that would do frightful things to be if I let the elves finish whatever they were doing out in my garden. I didn't know what the possibilities were if they did trap her here, but the unknown dangers were too much of a risk at the time.

"Alright, I'll see what's going on."

She sighed with relief and quickly dragged me out of bed with her. We put on nightrobes and went outside.

The three elf sisters were praying around the biggest tree in my garden, one of the centrepieces and beneath which I had had fond memories of pleasant afternoon picnics and exciting midnight trysts. My butler was nearby with a pleased look on her face. No doubt she had agreed to everything thinking I'd be happy to get the entire estate dedicated to goody-goody gods. And for free too.

"What's going on?" I asked my butler.
"They are consecrating this tree to Corellon, their highest elven god," she explained. "The priestess told me she sensed evil forces lurking about and that this would protect us. Isn't that great?"

Kana was wasting no more time in stopping the ritual. She went right up to the nearest elf girl and grabbed a fistful of hair.
"Stop it you cunts!" cried Kana. She dragged the shrieking elf from the tree and flung her away.

Great. Just great. I thought she wanted me to handle it. If she were going to do that anyway, she didn't need to throttle me this morning. In any case, now I was going to have a heck of a lot of explaining to do after this. That is, a lot more than I would have if she hadn't been quite so direct, since no one really knew about my pact with devils and who Kana really was.
I could only guess that they were close to finishing whatever rites they were performing and things were getting uncomfortable for Kana. She was pretty desperate this morning, in a way I'd never seen before.

The other two elves reluctantly broke off their prayers. All three had crude wooden symbols, presumably holy symbols of their cult or treehouse or whatever elves had that was the equivalent of churches. The one with golden blonde hair stood forth boldly and presented her symbol.

"In the name of Corellon, be cast out of this body!"

Kana flinched. I didn't see any wave of godly-faith-power, so it was more likely because she didn't want to be stabbed in the nose by something woven from twigs.

"Oh, puleeze," she scoffed and batted at the symbol with the back of her hand. It immediately burned her and she yelped. "You little bitch!"

The other sisters helped to surround Kana and held forth their symbols. The golden haired priestess began praying.

"Stop it!" cried Kana. She shot her hand forward and grabbed one of the priestess's rather proudly sized breasts, and sank her manicured fingernails into it. Almost immediately a red-black stain of blood exploded on her simple brown robe.

I think my butler fainted. The girls shrieked. The priestess howled in agony. I leapt at Kana's hands and jammed my fingers beneath hers to try to pray her hand loose before she literally ripped off one breast.

Obviously I knew Kana was a succubus. This wasn't someone's body she'd possessed but her own, shape-shifted by her innate devilish magic. I'd never seen her fight, so I had no real idea of what she was capable of. Now I had a glimpse into just how lethal she was: I took all my strength to slow her fingers from cruelly sinking even further into the poor elf girl and clenching into a fist that would have completely mangled her breast.

My captain of the guard, Kristryd, was on Kana's other side, trying to get her into an arm lock but not able to overcome even Kana's one-armed strength. Kana flung her back then turned her attention to the elf priestess again.
Kristryd got up and drew her warhammer, which had enough reach to give Kana a solid whack on the head.


Kana turned around, mad (annoyed?) now. At least the distraction let me pry her hand free from the priestess and her sisters dragged her away. Other staff quickly evacuated them. I wasn't sure if the priestess would live. She was limp and unconscious.

Before Kana could take a swipe at Kristryd, I grabbed her where I thought she'd be most sensitive at the moment -- her vagina. Fortunately she was wearing a sleeping robe and nothing underneath, so she was sort of accessible down there at the time.
It certainly got her attention and I quickly embraced her.

"Kana! I'll take care of it. I promise."

"Burn it! Burn that tree now!" she cried.

(to be continued)

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Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 4 Part 1

Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 4 Part 1

I was exhausted when we got back to my estate and merchant house headquarters in Thyatis. My major domo was quickly summonned, and as soon as I saw her I gave her such a big and warm and sincere hug. I was never so relieved to have someone I truly trusted to handle my affairs while I was away. And Kristy too.

The two of them looked at each other with some alarm, perhaps not sure I was really me.

"Have I ever told you how grateful I am to you?" I asked them.

They were stunned. I gave each of them a kiss on the cheek.

"These are my guests. We'll figure things out later. For now, please find them some rooms. I'm going to sleep."

I shambled off toward my room, flumped onto the bed, and fell dead asleep. The next time I woke up (only because I had to take a pee) it was night. On my way back from the bathroom, I heard the door to my bedroom creak open. I was alarmed and for a second froze in surprise. In poked someone very short and from her silhouette I thought at first it was Shady, except she was remarkably... well-endowed.

"Oops! Sorry!" she gasped.

It was Shady! But I really didn't remember her having the hin equivalent of D-cups.

Then I realized I was stark naked. Well, that part didn't bother me so much as the fact that her shapely figure was giving me an erection again.

She quickly turned around and excused herself, squeaking, "I was looking for the bathroom."

"Here, why don't you use the master bathroom?" I offered.

"Uh... okay..."

She awkwardly averted her eyes from looking down as she followed me, and was very relieved when I put on a bathrobe.

"I'll just be a minute," she whispered.

While she did her thing, I mused as to whether she might not be Kana shape-shifted, but I don't think Kana would bother being mousy when it came to sexuality. Shady's breasts still intrigued me, though.

When she came out, she was more conscious of me staring at her chest and moved to cover herself somewhat.

"Um... Sorry for staring, but you really are the most gorgeous hin woman I've ever met... But I suppose you get that a lot."

She sheepishly nodded.

"And, uh," I pointed to her chest, "I really don't remember you... like that."

"Oh, I bound them with a cloth to flatten them. Adam didn't like all the attention I was getting because of them. He was jealous that way."

He was also clearly a tit man.

"So, uh... You having trouble sleeping too?" she asked to change the subject.

"Not really. I didn't realize how exhausted I was. Just got up to use the bathroom. How about you?"

"... Yes, actually..."

She had a hesitant look, probably unsure how much to unburden her soul to someone who really was still a stranger to her.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Well... I've been thinking how... How I've really... I mean... I lost everything. I don't know what to do anymore. And I guess I never really had anything. I've known for a long time that I was basically a kept woman, but it just never really came up. Now he's just given me away. And I don't have a thing to my name except the clothes on my back.

Her lips trembled and she started to cry.

"... I don't know what to do!" she continued. "I don't know anyone. I don't have any money. I don't even know what I could do as a job -- I've never had one. And I don't even know how I'm ever going to repay you. Except in the obvious ways."

With that last realization, her eyes wandered down to see my erection under my bathrobe.

"Sorry... Look, you really are a very beautiful and desirable woman. But your body is yours and I'm not going to ask you to have sex with me because you're feeling obligated."

She didn't look convinced. Even I wasn't convinced. But I forcibly applied logic to myself: If I wanted to lose myself in large, soft, breasts and a firm bubble ass, I knew a half dozen playful escorts in Thyatis who would be a lot more fun in bed than a reluctant hin. Though there was something sexually stirring in having power over someone else...

"Shady, we'll figure something out, okay? This is a merchant house. We've got all kinds of positions, including entry level ones. I'll speak with my chief of staff. We'll find out what you're good at and I'm sure we can put it to good use. What did you do for Garius? You were his secretary, weren't you?"

She shook her head. "Not really. In public I was his arm candy to make people jealous. He said I was only good for that and... and..."

She couldn't finish her sentence and instead burst out crying again.

"I don't know why I stayed with him. He was so bad to me. The only thing he didn't do was pass me around like he did some of the other girls he would bring back. I think he was too jealous to see someone else touch me. I wanted to leave so many times but I was afraid of what he would do. And I saw the way his men all looked at me and I heard the things they said behind Adam's back -- I was afraid of what would happen to me without his protection. I had nowhere to go. I had nothing... I was nothing. Then he just... gave me up. I don't know what happened. I was shocked. Angry. Scared. I don't know... And now that I'm free of him, I should be happy, but I'm just scared. I even thought of going back to find him. Beg him on my hands and knees to take me back. Isn't that stupid?"

"Shh... It's okay, you're safe now," I hushed, and held her tight while she cried. "Things will be better now that you're with me. I promise."

I erection wilted now that the wheels of my mind were turning... Maybe dealing with devils gave me an instinctively suspicious and proactive mind, but something she had said... About how Garius had been so jealous of someone else touching her. Even of people looking at her proud breasts. When he'd lost, he'd walked away from the gambling table without a word or a look back. That didn't add up. Unless maybe he was tired of her. Maybe he'd had his sights on replacing her with Ursa? I of all people understood the boredom that could come with the same sex partner after too long, no matter how beautiful they were or how wonderful they were in bed. What is commonplace to us we start to take for granted.

Anyway, now wasn't the time to broach the subject.

When she'd calmed down a bit, I walked Shady back to her room and tucked her in. When I got up to leave, she grabbed my hand to stall me.

"What do you want from me?"


"What do you want? For... for everything. For being nice to me. For putting me up. I don't have any money. I don't have anything to give you. Unless... unless you want my body."

"Shady, let's talk about it in the morning. But I promise I'm won't be like Garius. I'm not going to treat you like he did and I won't abandon you or give you away like he did. And I won't make you beg."

Her eyes were fearful and disbelieving.

"Shady, promise me we'll have a good talk about it, alright? And until then... don't do anything rash, okay?"

In a blink, her eyes widened in surprise.

"You sounded so frightened and hopeless," I explained, "... I was afraid you might have been thinking of committing suicide. ... Were you?"

She had a slightly guilty look and that was all the answer I needed.

"Promise me you won't do anything to try to kill yourself or hurt yourself. And you won't go back to Garius. Promise?"

"I promise."

I bent over to give her an affectionate kiss on the forehead.

"I'm glad Garius no longer has any power over you. I'm glad to have you here."


When I got back to bed, Kana was lounging on it in her lazy yet devastatingly sexy way. I swear she radiates some sort of psychic love wave.

"Miss me much?" she pouted.

"Of course."

Kana put on a childishly happy smile. She pulled me roughly into bed and rode us both to climax.


Kana lay quietly on my chest after our exertions. When we'd both rested, she sat up to face me.

"Let me back in your head? Please? You know it's so much more convenient."

Sex had probably been a bribe to let her use telepathy again. I didn't really have the energy to spar with her over it. And besides, it really hadn't been so bad. And it was convenient. I looked into her bright, wet eyes and relented with a nod.

She happily kissed me on the lips and lay back down on my chest. Her mind touched mine with telepathy.

:Tell me about your trip.:

I took a deep breath and replayed the events in my head for her. Sort of like daydreaming, except I tried to remember things as they actually happened.

Just as her mind was linked to mine, my mind was linked to hers as well, though not as skillfully. I could sense moments of surprise or disappointment, especially all those times I didn't indulge my lusts when I could have. She was especially surprised at the part where I stopped the illithids from psychically implanting commands in Shady.

:I just don't understand you,: she sighed.

I concurred with a hum. I wasn't in the mood to be introspective. I just wanted to go back to sleep. Who knows how many hours were left and tomorrow I'd have to get the girls set up, catch up on the status of the company, then figure out scrying for my mentor.

:I could help you find him,: Kana offered.

:How much is this going to cost me?:

:Aren't you suspicious! It won't cost you a thing! I need to keep tabs on him anyway since his soul belongs to me.: Kana laughed. :Oh, alright. Suppose maybe I want something.:

:Ah ha...:

:Your doppelganger. Let me play with her for a bit. She could be so much fun! And think of all the things I could teach her!:

:NO! She's been traumatized too much already. I'm not turning her over to you.:

:Aww... Has it really been so traumatizing to be with me?: Kana cooed.

:No. But I won't stop you if you can seduce her all on your own. No fair using powers. And definitely NO RAPE.:

:You take the excitement out of everything.: Kana sighed.

Then we were quiet and drifted off to sleep.

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Vids are BACK! And Sexlivion Links

YouTube banned the cheeky Sexlivion vids, but it turns out that on Dailymotion, you can share private vids. They can't be found by searching Dailymotion, but you can still embed them and share them "privately".

Please do not report the vids so everyone who agrees to Blogger's age check for adult material can enjoy the funny / sexy vids.

If you want to download the videos, you can use these links:

Oblivion mods and links of use to you, especially if you want to fool around with your own sexy vids, are here:

Thank you for your cooperation -- and enjoy!

Sexlivion Bug - Maeva the Buxom Orgasms into... by Fantasy_Art

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Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 5

edited September 28th to change Shady into a halfling

Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 5

Back at the special auctions, the two dragons were gone now, and replaced by two formidable pit fighters. Well out of my price range, of course. The doppelganger, Anastrianna, sat quietly on her auction block. She was in her grey, featureless doppelganger form, and looking confused and distracted.

I had been briefed on the result of the psychic surgery: She was, as best as they could manage, de-traumatized. As her faculties and shapeshifting ability hadn't been damaged, they were holding me to our agreement to purchase her at the (steep) reserve price. I handed over the coin in a pouch. The illithid slaver didn't even bother to count -- he just briefly scanned my mind for deceit.

:I'm sure you will enjoy your purchase: he communicated to me telepathically with a wiggle of his tentacles. :The usual loyalty locks are in place. She will do whatever you desire.:

"Thank you."

Anastrianna looked at me warily when I sat next to her.

"So you own me now..." she almost whispered. "I don't-- that is, please don't make me do the tail thing on myself. Please?"

"Alright," I agreed. "But you know, I met this tiefling who was really into it when I handled her tail."

Her eyes widened in alarm.

"Okay, okay! No tail thing!"

"... Thank you. So what do you want me to look like?"

"Um... Nothing specific right now. How about an Eladrin? Your name is Anastrianna, isn't it? An Eladrin name?"

The recognition stunned her. "...How did you--?"

"I asked the illithid to find out. He said your name was buried. But it was still there. It's an Eladrin name, isn't it? Is that who raised you?"

She nodded. "Anastrianna... It's been so long. It doesn't feel like my name."

"Do you want a different name?"

"No! No... I think I remember my parents a bit. They were very nice to me." Whatever faint memory had been triggered by her name made her smile wistfully.

"So how do you feel? After they, um..."

For lack of any better way of explaining it, I wiggled my fingers -- like how the illithid like to wiggle their tentacles when telepathically speaking or using their formidable psychic powers.

"I feel strange actually. I know something happened to me in the past. And I'm pretty sure it was very bad. But I just can't remember. When I try, I remember something else entirely. Something about clowns... and flowers... well, it's a ridiculous image. I feel... I don't know what I feel. Like I'm forgetting something horrible but at the same time I want to know the truth of it, even if it would be painful to know. Isn't that silly?"

"Maybe. But you're not alone, I'm sure. The truth often hurts."

We sat quietly for a while. Then she touched me on my hand gently. "Thank you. For making me forget."

I patted her hand. "Don't worry about it."

"So what do you want to do first? You know... What kind of woman do you fancy?"

My penis stirred at the possibilities. But I had to focus. I stood up -- that is, I stood up off the auction block.

"We'll talk about that later. For now, could you maybe change into an Eladrin, or whatever else is comfortable for you? I'd rather not everyone know there's a shapeshifter working for me."

She easily shifted into a beautiful Eladrin woman as she got up. Her boobs were a bit on the flat side, though, which was fair considering that anything much larger would have outlined her nipples through the small tunic she had been provided with. Her butt was also nice, but subdued in size, to fit the rather small loincloth.

"How's this?"

"You look gorgeous."

She smiled shyly.

"First, let's get you some proper clothes. Then, I have an assignment for you."


Breileina hadn't gotten any leads on my mentor. I decided to drop it for now and call it a lost cause. I'll have to try to scry for him -- but that's later, when I got back to his estate.

Anastrianna came back to the inn with a small wardrobe of two outfits plus a third which she wore instead of the rags she started with today. She was in dressy casual wear, there was a tantalizing gown for evening wear, and a practical travelling outfit. I had her change into her evening wear. Ursa was with us, and similarly dressed. I briefed them all on what I knew about Adam Garius so far.

"You want to do business with him?" Breileina frowned.

She had expressed her displeasure before, and Ursa was on her side this time.

I sighed.

"Alright, honestly, yes, I would do business with him. But not just anything. I'm sure he has legitimate connections. And with the kind of money he's said to have, I'm sure that's a lot of connections. For right now, I'm after something else -- but I don't want to make him my enemy in the process."

"What are you after?" asked Ursa.

"Well... I was thinking of those elf girls. And what's in store for them."

"You're going to buy them off him?" asked Ursa.

"I might be able to buy two, but he'll hold on to the priestess unless he has no choice but to give her up. If I can win at the gambling tables and force him to ante her too, then I've got a chance of winning her. But not if he gets supernatural help to win at dice. Look, it's all a long shot and I'm not going to lose my pants over this one. I'd also not like to make him my enemy if I can..."

"How are you going to do that? Won't he be upset?"

"Yes, but he can't hold it against me if he wanted to gamble with me in the first place. And I have an idea to come up aces -- Listen closely..."


We made our way to the casino. The Alphaks cult big shots were all the buzz there: They hadn't bid successfully against Adam Garius, so they had a lot money and were having a great time, enjoying the celebrity if not a lot of winnings.

The Alphaks cult had lent me some serious money to play my gamble. I offered them business connections and assurances of future profits in trade as collateral, but really they were curious for the chance at some payback against the uppity Adam Garius. It'd be my first time meeting with Garius, so despite my plan, I was still going to play it by ear -- on the off chance he turned out to be a nice guy to do business with. Breileina and Anastrianna had drifted in at different times in different guises and were mostly fending off rich old farts wanting to buy them drinks and going for cheap feels. Ursa was with me. She was too conspicuous and had been seen with me too much to bother disguising that we knew each other. Besides, if things turned really sour, I wanted her muscle right next to me.

I went up to Garius and slipped one of his bodyguards my card and let them know the reason I wanted an introduction. Garius sized me up and then nodded to his secretary, a stunning hot young thing with gorgeous raven black tresses that I couldn't help but start mentally undressing right away. She had the intriguing and sultry name of "Shady", and was quite demurely dressed except for the long slit up one thigh in her tight Ochalean dress of red silk with gold trim. She came over, gently took my hand and escorted me over.

I've always had confused feeling for hin, or halflings as they are often called. They are basically half-sized humans. Like a person miniaturized into half height. I've slept with only one in my time, and it was an awkward affair because it felt like I was having sex with a schoolgirl. And on top of that, it was a really tight fit. She had been positive about it at the start; and she did her bravest, gritting her teeth and gripping the sheets so hard she shredded them, but halfway through she just couldn't take it anymore and wriggled off my penis. She was sore for a couple of days after that.

Anyway, none of that had anything to do with my ability to appreciate a gorgeous woman, hin or otherwise. And Shady was gorgeous, even if her makeup and hair hadn't been as impeccable as it was.

Garius and I talked about connections in Thyatis, and the possibility of doing business. He put on an air of being singularly unimpressed and condescending only to give me a name to look up, and to mention him for "special consideration". I thanked him, invited him to look me up in Thyatis, and got up to leave. As I expected, he asked me to join him for a few hands.

While his secretary and Ursa looked the odd couple sitting side-by-side and chatted amiably, we played a few rounds with steadily higher stakes. Garius wasn't a particularly good player to this point but I couldn't be sure whether he was bluffing or just not very good. He did cast a quick glance to one of his underlings, a chubby fellow who wasn't as big as the rest of his bouncer detail (all burly 7-footers). That fellow slipped out as quietly as he could. Breileina and Anastrianna went in pursuit as surreptitiously as they could.

The stakes went up. Garius lost more than he won. I think he got impatient. He was probably waiting for his luck to turn, which would have signified that Asmodeus was favouring him after his crony spilled some hapless slave's blood. I could see his eyes scanning the entrances. His man wasn't back yet. I was a bit worried myself as Breileina and Anastrianna weren't back either.

I let him win a few and our piles of gold were now more even.

"Now that we're warmed up... How about we play at my league?" he asked.

He put down a trade bar and motioned the dealer to change his stack of gold into trade bars, indicating that his minimum bids weren't going to be less than 100 gold a pop. We were in the big leagues now, all right. One hundred gold was maybe a small house in the suburbs.

There are coins and there are trade bars which are really more tokens of value than actual value in precious metal. Traders use them for big transactions. For really big transactions -- shiploads of cargo, for example -- you could either use a handful of trade bars or certified letters of credit (clocs) where you could pen in whatever amount you needed.

I motioned the dealer to do the same for me. Hopefully unbeknownst to Garius was the few extra bars I had in my jacket -- a secret stash I had from the Alphaks cult, who had now drifted over to express "idle interest".

"Excellent," Garius smiled when the dealer slid my converted pile to me. "Not everyone can play at this level," he said, and gave the Alphaks cultists just a hint of a sneer.

They didn't say anything but continued to watch.

His man wasn't back yet -- I could see him scanning the crowd now and again. I stopped letting him win and we played normally. He really wasn't that good -- probably too much of relying on his handicap and playing large bets. Still, he didn't sweat.

His man still wasn't back and time was going by. I got a promising hand. Time to play my game. I really didn't want his man to have finished doing what they normally do to win: I didn't like my odds if the Hells were dealing his cards.

"I hear you have a reputation around here. High roller -- and big winner," I let slip. "Do you always win?"

"Always," Garius smiled. His bravado was back now that he was recollecting past victories.

"Well, you can't beat the rules, though," I said, and deliberately anted more than his pile. Boorish of course, but I was just making a point, right?

The Alphaks cultists snickered. Garius frowned.

I moved to pull back my trade bars, then made a show of thinking of something else... "Unless you want to throw something else in the pot? You know, I'm still curious about that trio of elves you outbid me earlier today. You bid seven bars for them, if I remember correctly."
I threw that much in the pot.

"Go on, Mr. High Roller Big Winner," taunted the woman in the duo that led the Alphaks cultists.

A crowd was gathering, and their murmurs amongst themselves was drawing even more of a crowd. The dealer looked inquiringly at Adam Garius.

Garius nodded. The dealer gave him a piece of paper, Garius wrote down an I.O.U., and put it in the pot.

The dealer dealt more cards. My hand hadn't improved, but I wasn't counting on my hand to win. Garius was easy to read: With a glance he motioned one of his bodyguards. The fellow drifted off, presumably to find Garius's tardy cohort. Of course, that didn't necessarily mean he had a lousy hand, but he didn't pay much attention to it either, which suggested that it probably wasn't anything to write home about.

I had to act faster now. I had to close this game before Garius's man came back and they drew more cards.

"Sorry, old chap, but I think my hand isn't as strong as it could be for this pot. I threw in a couple of trade bars. He couldn't ante up, so he'd have to fold. "Look, I know it's poor form, so tell you what, I take the girls, you keep seven bars. And we play another hand."

And that was my plan: To trick him into bidding the girls then forcing him to fold. Offer him a fair trade so neither of us loses too much face, but hold onto the girls. Plus, he walks away with what he paid for them in the first place.

Garius's eyes lit up all of a sudden. Shit. His man was back.

"No, 'old chap'," he smirked. "Let's keep going."

"Um... Sorry to ask, but how, exactly? You're a bit short on trade bars at the moment."

"Maybe he'd like to wager his other acquisition," said the male lead of the Alphaks cult.

What an idiot. Maybe he didn't notice that Garius's man was back, which meant his sacrifice to almighty Asmodeus was complete and luck was in the cards from now on. My only chance had been to win with the rules that said if you can't match the ante you fold. The way Garius was talking, he was obviously up to something.

"Humph. That'd be too rich for even you, as I recall," was Garius's comeback. "No... I'll throw in my lovely Shady. She's worth at least two trade bars more than your Goliath escort."

"WHAT?!" both women exclaimed in unison.

"Ursa's no slave! I can't bid her!" I exclaimed.

"Then you'll have to fold, won't you?" Garius snickered.

"Adam! You can't be serious!" shrieked Shady. "I'm not a slave either!"

"But you'll do as you're told!" he snapped.

"You worm! I can't believe that you-- that you think of me as chattel!"

She stormed off, but a sharp gesture from Adam and one of his bodyguards grabbed her by one arm. She whipped around with trained form and back-kicked the man in the stomach. Combined with a twisting motion from her hips, her blow landed with good force and almost doubled him (and revealed a gorgeous length of bare leg as well). But he kept his grip and with easy strength threw her down and kept her on her knees by twisting her arm behind her.

"We'll have a private chat about your insubordination later tonight, my dear," said Garius.

"Not if you lose, you idiot!"

Garius sighed. "Surely you've been with me long enough to know that I never lose. Not in the end."

I shot the dealer a look. He threw up his hands in innocence even as a couple of illithid came over. I could sense them probing minds.

"That's a rather suspicious statement, Mr. Garius. It sounds more certain than luck of the cards," I said.

"Oh but it is. Of a sort. Of course, if you won't wager your lovely companion, we won't have to test it, will we? 'Can't beat the rules', as you say." He had an intensely irritating, smugly triumphant, smile -- the sort that's guaranteed to make anyone see red.

I couldn't bid Ursa. However good the cards looked, I wouldn't have risked her. Right now, all I stood to lose was gold and be in some debt to the Alphaks cultists. They knew that was a possible outcome and (maybe) wouldn't do anything nefarious to me. I pulled out a couple of trade bars from my pocket and threw them in.

"That should cover it," I told him, and motioned the dealer to deal. But Garius stopped him.

"Are you serious? I assure you she's multi-talented. And in the obvious ways," said Garius.

He rather crudely flipped over her skirt where it was slit down her delicious thigh. It revealed a silken thong and such firm and delicious thighs that my manhood jumped to attention immediately. Shady struggled but the bodyguard pressed down painfully, making sure she was immobilized unless she wanted her arm ripped out of elbow and shoulder.

"You like that sort of thing, don't you? I think she's worth at least another trade bar. You must have another one in your jacket, I'm sure."

Oh, shit. He had me figured out. He knew my vice. And he knew I had a secret stash, which meant he knew I was in cahoots with the Alphaks gang. Did he know about Breileina and Anastrianna too? I didn't see either of them. Oh, gods.

Well, at least I didn't bet Ursa. I pulled out the remaining two trade bars. I'd have to beg Ursa to lend me money to pay the teleporter fee. This was going to wipe me out.

Ursa had a resigned look on her face. I slowly put the trade bars in the pot. Garius motioned the dealer to deal.

My luck with the cards still hadn't improved. I couldn't imagine what Asmodeus would give his favoured. That Garius raised one brow in surprise was a good sign.

Time to show our hands. We both had only one pair each.

He had nines.

I had queens.

"Impossible!" Garius blurted.

Honestly, I was thinking the same thing.

The crowd murmured, probably thinking Garius had somehow arranged to cheat. I could instantly feel the illithids probing quite deeply into our minds. Garius growled and shook his head to shake off their influence, but they made no motion to eat his brain or summon their guards, so they must have been satisfied that he hadn't been cheating. Not in the usual way, anyway. Still, they discussed something among themselves, but left in the end.

Garius was red-faced and flabbergasted all at once. His bodyguards looked to each other uncertainly. Garius looked around and furrowed his brow. I looked around to see what he was looking for. Only the absence of his chubby cohort came to mind immediately. That neither Breileina nor Anastrianna were there was sadly reinforced.

"Well... I guess it's all mine, then," I cautiously said and slowly collected the winnings. I slid Garius a few bars -- much more than enough for him to pay his teleportation fee. "A token of goodwill. I hope we can do business again sometime."

Garius's eyes seethed.

"Regular business. In Thyatis, I mean."

Then he realized I was letting him at least save face outside the casino and he took the bars.

Shady shook herself free. Her eyes shot daggers at Garius. She smoothed out her skirt and turned to walk away, but the casino guards converged on her, backed up by an illithid.

"You can't be serious," she gasped. "I wasn't his to-- Agh! No-- NO!"

She collapsed clutching her head. No doubt the illithid wriggling his mouth tentacles was doing their psychic surgery on her.

"No! Stop!" I intercepted.

:Hmm?: the illithid questioned me with telepathy.

"Leave her alone. It's alright. We'll... negotiate something. You didn't--?"

:Not yet. But I will not do this for free later.:

"I understand."

Ursa and I helped Shady to her feet. Garius and his party had already left. The casino staff dispersed the crowd.

"Thank you," said Shady.

"Did they hurt you?"

"Gods, I feel slimy. In my head. That's the best I can describe it... I think I'll be fine, though. I think you stopped them just in time."

"Look, you're not my slave," I told her. "But you don't exactly have anywhere to go. Come with us. We'll figure something out."

She looked at me, right in the eyes. Then nodded. "I don't know if you're any better than Garius, but at least you had the decency to stand up for your friend."

"Yeah. Thank you for that," Ursa smiled at me.

Anastrianna came up from behind, scaring the life out of me. I was never so glad to see her.

"What happened? I was so worried!"

"I didn't know how long it would take chubby to, you know, perform a sacrifice," Anastrianna explained. "So I waited until I was sure he was thinking his guy was late or something. Then I wouldn't reappear too early."

"Smart girl!" I beamed. "But what happened to Breileina?"

"She had to play decoy for me to get the drop on chubby and knock him out. She got him to turn around by asking him a question. After that, she made herself scarce so she wouldn't be linked to any of this. She's waiting back at the inn and lying low."

I pulled her tight and gave her an exuberent kiss. "You're brilliant!"


Later that day when we had dispersed to pack and get ready to leave, Ursa came to catch me alone for a bit.

"You could have just as easily let the illithids do their mind thing on Shady," Ursa said to me. "Then she'd have to obey you, like any other slave. Even in bed. Why didn't you? You do like 'that sort of thing', don't you? And I know you were mentally undressing her the moment you saw her."

I looked at Ursa sadly, and she was rather taken aback. "Is that all you think I'm about?"

"So far... I guess. Well, no. You did save the elf girls from a gruesome fate... You know, nevermind I asked. I'm sorry. I just-- I can't figure you out."

I thought about what she said for a while before replying. "Don't worry about it. I don't think I've got myself figured out either. The gods know I've done worse. A lot worse."

Ursa looked at me strangely, and not without a hint of wariness -- was it outright fear? -- in her eyes. But let it go for now.


I sent Breileina and Anastrianna ahead to Shraek by teleporter, and Ursa and I followed after we collected the bewildered but relieved elf girls. From thence, we went to Thyatis.

The Alphaks cult would follow up with me another time to collect their loan and a share of the profit. When, I wasn't sure, but eventually -- That I was certain of. Meanwhile, I had some work to do with smoothing things over with Garius without him being wise to how we sabotaged his usual ploy to get luck at cards. And I had to get Ursa set up. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone by letting Ursa and my major domo figure it out -- tapping the contact Garius gave me and making enough profits for everyone that Garius might be inclined to convince himself that it really was fluke I won. It would also give Ursa a chance to play trader at higher stakes than she'd had before -- which was what she wanted.

There was still no word about my mentor but I still had no leads. Scrying in Thyatis turned up nothing, which was doubly worrisome.

(to be continued)

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Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 4

Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 4

Ursa and I considered a few other slaves before settling on a trio of elven spellcasters, all very young sisters (and young even by Elven standards, though just over their teens in human years). Spellcasters were normally tricky to have as slaves in Alphatia where the enslavement of spellcasters was illegal, but the slaver said the powerful geas on them would keep me out of trouble and it also kept them from trying to escape. In any case, I was ultimately headed back to Thyatis first, and the law was somewhat more lax over there.

I was, however, outbid by the same Asmodeus worshipper who I learned had also deep enough pockets to buy the holy warrior, thus outbidding the followers of Alphaks. He was particularly interested in one of the girls -- so much so that he was willing to buy all three of them, who were being sold together as a fighting team for the arena. Evidently everyone knew something I didn't because the girls had to be dragged kicking and screaming away. In the end, the slaver had to put them under with some sort of drug to make them manageable. When all the commotion died down, and the cultist and his entourage had left, Ursa and I asked the slaver what was going on.

"Ah, that's Adam Garius. He's a cultist of Asmodeus. Represents a really big cell -- or so I'm guessing -- because he's got really deep pockets. He's a big roller and comes down frequently looking for priests and other holier-than-thous who end up on the slave market. Buys 'em all up for sacrifices. When there aren't any, he makes do with the cheap ones in the meat markets."

"He buys religious types, 'eh? Let me guess -- for sacrifices?" I guessed.

"Yup. That holy warrior he bought is in big trouble. He'd be in the same soup if those Alphaks cultists had got 'em, though. I tell you, those guys were plenty peeved, especially when Garius rubbed it in at the end. I feel sorry for those girls. They're barely out of diapers, those three."

"What will happen to them?" asked Ursa.

"The usual: Torture, mutilation, humiliation. And for sure they'll conjure a demon to fuck 'em up the ass -- and every other hole too. They're virgins, so he won't touch 'em himself. There's something those perverts like about seeing virgin cherries popped by monsters from the Hells."

Ursa looked like she was going to be sick.

"What else do you know about Adam Garius?"

"Aren't you a curious one," the slaver looked at me askance.

"I like to know who the movers and shakers are. And the high rollers."

"I might know a thing or two..."

I greased his palm.

"They say Asmodeus gives his devout a nudge when it comes to money matters and Garius like to test that by gambling."

"Does he always win?"

"Yup. They say if he's losing, he'll duck back to his suite to cut open a cheap slave as a sacrifice. When he comes back down, he always wins it all back, and then some."


"Always. And I'm pretty sure between buying that holy warrior and outbidding you for the elf girls, he's gotta be low on cash. He'll hit the gambling den sooner or later, looking for easy marks who don't know his secret."

"Is he a good gambler?"

"Heh... Does it matter?"


I gave Breileina a generous amount of gold to get lodgings and gear for herself, to snoop around about Adam Garius, and to find that Alphaks cult if possible. As she had sworn loyalty to me (and there was a geas on her), I was confident in giving her free rein. Besides, if the geas were unreliable, it was better to find out now at a small cost in gold than at a more critical juncture later.

When I checked back at the inn there was still no word from my mentor. The innkeeper said he hadn't seen him at all since we first left for the special slave auctions. I was getting worried now. For the moment I didn't have any leads on him so I secured his things in my room and turned my attention to Ursa. I wanted to show her my appreciation of her assistance with choosing and haggling for slaves today... and with any luck, my appreciation of her incredible physique. I'd never seduced anyone who could easily snap me like a twig, but as she had considerably warmed to me, I think I had a chance. As I have mentioned elsewhere, my vice was Lust and I wasn't above using my diabolically acquired charm and wealth to get my way.

And truthfully, having been around her all day, it was her or more tail thing with the tiefling. I was horny.

Ursa suggested we go to the Arena for the more exciting evening bouts, normally reserved for high-rollers (and a stiff entrance fee kept everyone else out).

A different demographic came to this part of the black market, some of them avoiding the black market in entirety. Mostly too-rich thrillseekers slumming, I thought, from the look of them. Adam Garius's name came up, of course, but I didn't want to spend too much time pumping the bookies for information. It would have been interesting to schmooze about and see who I could network with, but tonight I was with Ursa and Lust was overtaking my priorities.

Normally she'd just bet on the Goliath warriors and wait for the outcome later -- rarely could she spend the coin to watch these elite matches. As I had offered to treat her to "anything", she jumped at the chance after probing in a roundabout way as to whether it would be an excessive expense for me.

She had changed to something more elegant and somewhere managed to redo her hair from a simple ponytail to keep it out of the way into a loose cascade, its volume held down with simple pieces of elegant jewelry. At close to eight feet tall (including her high-heeled boots), she literally stood out and turned a lot of heads. Her long black dress with a slit down one side showed her tanned complexion and toned, corded muscles to advantage -- which, I had to admit, wasn't particularly attractive. But that's just my preference. For me, excessively muscular women clashed with too-feminine fashions.

Still, I was very pleased to be with her and appreciated the effort she put into what was turning out to be a date. I would never have suspected her of owning such a sensual evening gown. I had already planned on a private box for the evening, and I was now especially glad I did as it gave her some respite from the many eyes on her, ranging from appreciative to envious to lacivious.

While we dined on a variety of "interesting" dishes she ordered to educate my palate to Underdark cuisine, she probed me about my past, present, and future. Of course I didn't tell her anything about Kana, so how I got jump-started from a peasant nobody to influential trader overnight had a hole in the story.

"There's more to it," she frowned. "You're hiding something."

"Doesn't everyone? Yes, I am hiding something. There's a reason why he's trusted me with so much, but that's... private. And complicated. But let me ask you something first: Why are you so interested all of a sudden?"

"...To be honest, I am jealous of you. You had nothing and now you have what many would consider unimaginable wealth. In one day you have casually spent more than I will ever see in a year or more. You are generous with your wealth even to your slaves -- this I have great respect for. But on the other hand you sleep with whores and flirt with them with practiced ease. The woman in me is disgusted by that. I am conflicted about my feelings for--I mean, 'about'--you... But something I am not confused about is that I want to have the wealth and influence you have. I don't know what I can offer you, but I want to be your partner. I'll do anything you want."

She said "anything". There were so many possibilities to "anything". But sad to say, the first ones that sprang to mind involved her naked and sweating in bed and me penetrating her from behind. The second was selling her soul. Clearly, I was evil through and through.

"'Anything', Ursa? Are you sure?"

Now the darker possibilities were playing out in her mind too.

Once I had put aside the delicious image of her climaxing under me, I tried to think more seriously. Obviously she was a slaver and whatever her motivation, she couldn't be counted on to be of the most principled and virtuous mindset. Just how villainously selfish she could be was of some importance. In any case, I needed her to be really clear on what she was ready to do or not do. I could use her in profitable ways and see us both come out ahead, but ensuring her loyalty was another thing -- I remembered how Jude had fallen so utterly into such sudden and surprising treachery once Kana had piqued his greed. Besides, as she was over a foot taller and a probably had more muscle in just her shoulders than I had in my entire body, I really didn't want anything unpredictable, especially in physical and violent ways.

A great roar of excitement came from the arena stands as the gladiators for the first bout of the evening were led in. The noise drowned out any intelligible conversation, so I had to lean close to her ear. I put one reassuring hand on hers.

"We'll talk more. I promise."

She nodded with some relief in her eyes, as if grateful for the reprieve from speaking her thoughts now. We both turned our attention to the arena.


The first bout was just an appetizer before the main battle, to let latecomers filter in while keeping the rest entertained. A half dozen gladiators were released into the sandy ring sunk into the ground that served as an arena, and simultaneously from other gates spaced about the ring there raced out several slavering hyenas.

[note to self - write about arena fights?]


After the bouts, Ursa and I went to collect our winnings. We had won some, lost some, but came ahead somewhat after having bet heavily on the two Goliath fighters that Ursa recommended. Her face was beaming and she jingled her pouch happily.

"We. Kick. Ass." she smiled.

They were still pit slaves, but highly ranked winners had the good life and Ursa's conscience wasn't so bothered by making money off them.

"I'd love to see what else you do," I smiled at her slyly.

She was stumped for a comeback and I grinned. She looked down at my pants and frowned.

"Is that all you ever think about?"

"I don't think I've been quite so excited by anyone."

"I bet you tell that to all the girls."

"Only when I mean it."


"You haven't seen the half of it."

I took a chance and slid my arm around her waist. Then lower. We were in public so I hoped she wouldn't slug me. Besides, if she did, it could be fatal.

Fortunately, she just gasped and her jaw dropped. She stared at me in disbelief. Then her eyes sparkled with mischief.

"I don't have a tail, like whatshername," she said. "And I wouldn't do the tail thing even if I did have one."

I put my hands up in mock surrender.

"Besides... I don't think you'd survive a night with me." It was her turn to smile slyly.

"I'd die happy, I'm sure."


We got back to the inn, and Breileina was waiting for us. She'd located where the Alphaks cult was staying. Nothing new about Adam Garius, except where he was staying too. That was apparently very easy to discover because he'd conjured a demon to guard the holy warrior he bought, even though the fellow was still mind-numbed by some sort of magical circlet. The final bid on him was staggering.

"You did well. Thank you," I told her.

"Was there a point to all that? Are you planning something?" asked Breileina.

"I don't know yet. I suppose that means 'yes'. I just don't know if it'll come together."

"What are you thinking of?" asked Ursa.

"I like to know about people who might be important, and to make connections."

Breileina's lips pursed tight with disapproval and she crossed her arms. Obviously, cordial connections with evil cults didn't score well with her.

"'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'," I reminded her of the old saying.

She frowned, maybe not quite believing me. But she uncrossed her arms at least.

"I need to sleep on it. Get some rest. I'll come find you later," I told Breileina. Then I turned to Ursa. "And I did promise you I'd talk more about your business proposal."

I bought a bottle of wine and we took it upstairs with us.

"Now before we start... I must say you're driving me to distraction," I admitted to her.

I handed her a glass of wine, and then traced my finger lazily down her thigh that was bared by the slit in her dress. Her muscles were toned, firm, beautiful.

"Do you really find me attractive, or do you just need to screw anything that moves?"

"I've never been with anyone so... delicious."

I couldn't help it. I caressed that gorgeous, tanned, thigh. Even explored a bit under her skirt. She put one hand firmly on mine to stop it.

"What about that tiefling whore?"

"It was the tail. I just had to know about it."

She harrumphed.

"Look, I won't lie to you that I've slept with more women than you would guess. And I'm not the marrying kind. I'm just..."


"You could say that."

She looked me dead in the eyes. "... Is this what it would take to do business with you?"

I blinked at the unexpected change in topic. I shook my head.

"Business is business. I can work with just about anyone. Look, everyone has their uses and can help you make money. Which means you can help them make money too. It's just a matter of how much and how quickly. And what they're willing to do."

"Like I said, I'm willing to do anything.... Even... sleep with you."

"You wouldn't otherwise?"

I must've looked crestfallen. I really was, too.

"Well, no... I didn't mean it like that..."

"So I have a chance?" I grinned.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. Then looked into my eyes with... amusement? Compassion? Curiosity? I wasn't sure, but it was friendly and a bit inviting.

"I like to be on top. No one ever wants to let me be on top."

"Your people?"

"Everyone. You're not the first short person to have an interest in me. And honestly, I think it's a bit creepy. Is this a giantess fetish or something? I met this dwarf once..."

"It hasn't come up before," I told her truthfully. "... And you can be on top, if you feel safer."

"'Safer'? It's not about that. It's about-- Well..."

"Is this a fetish or something? Being on top?"

She laughed and slapped me playfully on the arm before pouring herself another drink. The glass seemed so small in her huge hand.

"... So... I get to be on top?" she looked at me over her glass.

She'd finished her drink, so I gently took the glass from her, then led her to the bed. I sat down first, pulled myself closer to the centre, then pulled her over to straddle me. My hands hiked her her skirt as they slid about her hard thighs and hips. I lustily felt her hard curves. I played my finger at the crack of her ass.

Ursa pulled off her dress. My hands slowly slid up her hips, up her flat, hard, stomach, and to her smallish breasts. She grabbed me by the hair and with a moan of need mashed me into her breasts, pressing my lips over one nipple.


Often I think it was a gross oversight on my part to not have stipulated in my contract with the Hells that I would also be hung like a horse.

The Goliath race, of which Ursa was a gorgeous specimen, is very tall as a rule, often two feet higher than mere humans. By her standards, I was very short, uh, "down there". She liked it cowboy style but whenever I slipped out accidentally, she'd end up mashing me quite painfully. In the end, she settled for grinding, which worked out better overall since I could then get one hand down there and she could push her clitoris against my knuckles. But before we had found that out, I was already really quite in pain.

When she was finally sated and rolled off, she found the bed a bit too narrow for her size and promptly flopped off the bed. We both couldn't help but laugh. She crawled back on and looked at my penis with a mixture of amusement and pity. She prodded it gently with one finger.

"Are you going to be able to get that up again?"

"I'm not sure. Not any time soon, though."

"A happiness for women everywhere," she said. "That should keep you out of trouble for a while."

"Maybe for the protection of women everywhere, you should do more of this sort of 'keeping me out of trouble'."

"Ha! You wish!"

I put one hand on hers and gave her a loving squeeze.

"Thank you. That was... fantastic."

"Liar! I've just about killed your... uh... you know what."

"No, really," I insisted sincerely. "Just being with you... Felt wonderful."

She looked at me with sad eyes and was quiet a long time.

"I want to believe that. I really do. But I can't."

I sat myself up (with a groan -- I really was quite sore between my knees and my waist), leaned against her, and gave her a long, loving kiss on the cheek. I held her in a tight embrace until she relaxed into me. We lay back down and napped happily together.


"Come back with me to Thyatis," I invited Ursa.

We had bathed and were pulling our clothes back on.

"I might have to leave the Thyatis operation for a while. I'm sure my major domo could use a hand. We're also thinking of expanding into Norwold. No one's really set up there yet -- trading isn't exactly a respected occupation in those parts."

"Norwold? Where's that? What are they like?"

"Western border of Thyatis. It's forested and cold. The people are warriors and look down on anything that isn't about fighting. I'm thinking someone like you could command more respect."

"Hmm..." Ursa wasn't exactly convinced. "Not really what I had in mind."

"Give me some time. That's just off the top of my head. When we get back to Thyatis, we'll sit down with my major domo."

"Are you doing this because I slept with you?"

"No! I think you're trustworthy. I'm willing to take a chance on you. And you have a very different take on trade and set of contacts from your experiences. I like adding skills and contacts to my organization. We'll see how it works out."

"That's a start, I guess."

"We're only just branching out from Alphatia to Thyatis. Competition is fierce in Thyatis, but no so much on the mainland. I want to have a strong presence before I make contact with Darokin far to the west, and the Minrothad Guilds. I'll need people I can trust. If I can trust you, I'll make sure you make a lot of money."

"So when do we go?"

"Let me see if I can make some interesting contacts here first. And I still have to find my mentor."

"Your mentor?"

"Yeah. He basically owns the company I work for. Mostly a silent partner now, enjoying a retirement. But he's gone missing."

"This isn't a good place to go missing."

"I know."

(to be continued)

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Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 3

Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 3

There was a short, slender human woman in a tight suit of light chain mail. She wasn't armed for bear like the other fighters on sale, which was a bit odd and probably meant to pique the interest of buyers. She had a pretty oval face and narrow chin. Her very black hair was cut extra-short and groomed simply, with a part over her right eye. Her back was very straight though she sat with legs crossed and hands over her knee in a classically demure yet feminine pose. The slaver noticed my interest in her and came over.

"This one's a good trainer for your pit fighters. And pretty enough for your bed, 'eh?"

"I'll die in the pits first before I share anyone's bed!" she spat.

The auctioneer cuffed her. "No backtalk, slave!"

She stiffened and clenched her fists tightly. Her eyes closed briefly as she got her temper under control and when she straightened, her posture was dignified and her chin high.

Ursa stood back with arms crossed and an appraising look. I think she was impressed.

"What's your name?" I asked her, and extended my arm in friendship.

"I am Breileina," she replied, and uncertainly at first clasped my arm, then with assertive and respectful firmness.

"What makes him say you would be a good trainer, Breileina?"

"I am-- was... a patrol captain. We were betrayed. My squad and I were captured. They're gone now... Lost in the fighting pits."

"Been here long?"

"Not at all. But our early wins led them to put us up against veterans we had no chance against. They were good men and women and I was proud to serve with them."

"You didn't fight in the pits with them?"

"I wanted to, but they kept me out of it. They kept me as a trainer for their stable."

"And you're no longer with them now because...?"

"Because we lost. And they blamed me. They wanted to sell me off as a-- well... you can guess."

"Hmm... you never fought?"

"Look at 'er scrawny figure," the auctioneer laughed. "You think she'd last more than a few seconds in the pits?"

"Why don't you give me a sword and we'll see how long I last gutting you?" she taunted.

"You keep running that mouth of yours and I'll give you my sword, all right." The auctioneer lewdly patted his crotch.

She whipped around, her face an ugly scowl. "Touch me and I'll--"

The slaver was in her face in an instant. He had her by her neck and lifted her just enough that she had to be on tiptoes. "And you'll what?"

Her lips trembled as she seethed.

"That's right. You'll do nothing," he sneered.

"There's a geas[1] on all of 'em that protects the owner", he explained. "So she can't raise a finger against me. She doesn't have to obey everything I say, but I love to take the whip to her type. Ha ha ha!"
[1] (A spell or curse put upon someone to make sure they fulfill their task and don't betray their master. For instance a Geas could be put upon a servant to make sure that they stay loyal, or upon a mercenary to make sure they don't double cross their employee. Failure to do so will result in the victim being killed in one way or another by the Geas. Used a lot by Celtic Shamans and Norse Guayla (witch doctors). Not used offensively as any magic user able to preform a Geas can easily destroy enemies in a multitude of other ways.)

He slapped her lightly across the face back and forth and laughed.

"Gotta yank her chain now and then. Keeps her fire stoked," the auctioneer grinned at me.

He threw her at my feet.

"You said 'patrol captain'... You're just a soldier, then?" I asked when she'd picked herself off the ground.

"'Just' a soldier'? I suppose you could say that," she frowned, and dusted herself off.

"Can you take a small team on a covert mission?"

"I can do raids if we have the drop on them. But if you mean infiltration, I'm no scout. I relied on them to get my team into position."


"You're not here for the fighting pits, are you?"


"Then what are you looking for?"

I looked her right in the eye. In many ways she was like my Kristy. Maybe a bit too forthright at times but essentially a good-hearted person. She cared about her men, had good discipline, was proud of what she did. She was a leader. She'd make a great captain.

"I'm looking for a leader -- and loyalty."

"The squid-heads can do their psychic thing to ensure loyalty, if that's what you need. Won't make her less of a trainer," said the slaver.

"So why haven't you done that?"

"The extra expense. These fighters are all destined for the pit one way or another. No way out of there anyway. If you're going to bed her though, I'd highly recommend it. Otherwise the first thing she'll do is bite your dick off when you shove it in her smart mouth."

"You're disgusting," said Breileina.

"You're in my wet dreams every night, sweetheart! And your scowling mouth is where you take me first and last. Ha ha ha!"

"Please get me out of here," she whispered. "I'll do anything you want."

"Except share my bed, apparently."

She rolled her eyes. "Men. You're all the same."

She turned to go but I grabbed her.


She stopped and looked meaningfully at my hand around her upper arm. I relaxed it into a gentler tug but didn't let go.

"Would you swear your loyalty to me?"

I could see she was conflicted. She probably just wanted out and was considering what kind of deal she'd be making with me. And just what 'loyalty' would require her to do. Under different circumstances, I think she would be the type to be true to her word if she pledged her loyalty. Whether slavery had made lies and betrayal acceptable to her, I didn't know.

"... No."

I let her go. She went and sat back down in her chair, crossed her legs, rested her chin in one hand, and tried not to look at anything except a very interesting pebble on the ground. When I turned to go, she looked up at me, maybe with regret.

I let her think about her position for a few seconds.

"How much for her?" I asked the auctioneer.

"Five hundred."

"Pfft," Ursa scoffed. "I'm wondering why she's still hot property if they'd let her go as a trainer. Maybe she's not as good as you say."

I was secretly glad Ursa started the bargaining. It wouldn't have strengthened her opinion of me if I had tried to get her on the cheap. Slave or not, it was still undignified, and that was something her rigid back had shown me she still held on to.

"She's good enough for him, in more ways than one." The slaver crossed his arms and dug in.

"Yeah? You know that first hand?" Ursa asked, disgust in her mien.

"I haven't touched her... Yet."

Breileina looked at me with pleading eyes -- the closest thing to begging for one of her proud and still unbroken spirit.

"Four fifty. Or I let her loose on you after I buy her."

"Bwahaha! Alright, four fifty, and only because I pity you. She's stubborner than a mule but that's your problem now."

I completed the transaction with one of his assistants.

"Take everything off, slave. Your new master can get you clothes... if he wants."

"You filthy pig!" Breileina seethed between clenched teeth.

But she obeyed, and slowly started stripping down by loosening the belt around her waist.

I pressed some coin into the slaver's hand. "She looks good in that."

He stared at the coin, weighing if it were worth giving up the pleasure of one final humiliation. In the end he closed his palm, sealing the deal.

"Bah! I've seen sweeter flesh in the meat market," he sneered at her, then left to tend to other customers.

Breileina took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

"Well?" I asked meaningfully.

Her cornered, uncertain eyes looked up into mine and after a space of silence, she nodded. "My life is yours."

"Welcome to the team." I smiled and held out my hand.

She took it in a firm clasp, straightened her back, raised her chin proudly. "Yes sir."

(to be continued)

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Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 2

Hell's Bailiff - Chapter 3 Part 2

My mentor had meanwhile picked out a few prospects. I immediately dismissed all the male choices.

"Do think higher up than between your thighs," he groaned.

That my weakness was lust was no secret.

"I did. Kana's wiles will eat them for breakfast. She keeps me busy enough trying to figure out what she's up to. I don't need to second guess half my team."

"Hmm, you may be right."

"What do you make of the doppelganger?"

"Oh, wasn't a succubus then? Why? What's wrong with her?"

"They won't tell me. Anyone you can ask?"

"Let me work on that. There's someone I've been meaning to look up anyway."

"They're desperate to get rid of her. We can bargain them down, but I want to know what I'm getting into first."

"Yes, good to know."

He drifted toward the special auctions and I looked over the remaining choices. It didn't take long before I was feeling overwhelmed and confused by how to evaluate the slaves and which ones to buy. I had of course ruled out anything that would attract undue attention, like orcs, ogres, any strange beasts, and magical monsters like the pair of harpies, muzzled and looking miserable.

I drifted out to the common market to take a mental break and also check out the local wildlife. My mentor had already arranged a room and I knew how to get to it to rendezvous later. For now, I thought some schmoozing might do me good and a change of pace. A food stand offering some mystery meat and strange drinks seemed like a good place to start.

A battle-scarred goliath woman well over a foot and a half taller than myself was there. She grinned when she saw my brow furrow at the choices then turned her attention to a fat drumstick of... something... that she bought and hungrily tore into it.

"Is that any good?" I asked, pulling her eyes away from idly scanning the market.

"It's cheap and filling. First time here?" she smirked.

"That obvious, huh? I'm Simon."

I held out my hand in friendship. We clasped forearms -- hers as thick as my shoulders.

"Ursa," she introduced herself. "I've only been here a few times myself."

"What brings you here?"

"Slaves. Hobgoblins raid us, we raid them back. Found out they had sold some of our people here, so why not do it back to them?"

"You ever run into them here? Raiders, I mean."

"Yeah. Not often, but it's always ironic when it happens. We usually end up settling things outside later on. And permanently. What about you? What are you here for?"

"Slaves, actually."

"Oh? For what?"

"It's complicated. Let's just say I need to put together a fighting team. Um, look, could you, er, recommend something here to eat?"

"Ha ha! Alright... let's see... The mushrooms are pretty tame. They taste like mushrooms, just with slightly different flavour. If you want meat, you either have to be careful or you have to not care. They don't waste much down here and you could be eating anything."

"What do you have there?"

"Probably someone's leg, I'm sure. But I need meat to stay strong. I'm not going to just have vegetables."

"'Someone's leg'?"

"Yeah. Some of this comes from the mind flayers. They eat the brains of intelligent humanoids. The rest of the body they don't care for. Some of it ends up in a meatshop because not everyone down here has qualms about eating certain things. Some even look for it. And once it's all chopped up, sometimes it's hard to tell what it really is. This may very well be the roasted leg of some human. Might be elf. I'm not sure. Like I said, it's cheap and filling. Try some?"

I was pretty sure that at some level she was sizing up my manhood, whether I was going to be bold or not. If I wanted to impress her type, I'd need to be bold. If I became curious about bedding her, it'd help if I impressed her. So I pinched off a good chunk. It came free easily. I showed her no hesitation and popped it into my mouth. The meat was red in that semi-rare kind of way, very juicy, and a bit gamey. Very well roasted and not overdone.

"What do you think it tastes like?" asked Ursa.

"Not chicken. Honestly, I don't know. Defintely never had elf before."

She laughed and bit into her roasted leg.

"Buy you a drink?"

"Why not?"

"Know a good place?"

"You bet."

On the way, I saw what looked like a falafel stand. After some tricky communications as neither I nor the vendor spoke any languages in common, I think I got one with some kind of marinated cow meat that tasted like mushroom.

"Probably rothe. A type of Underdark ox."


Tasty enough. We got to a brewery and she pointed out various beers. I got a glass and ordered her a full pitcher.

After that, we wandered the market a bit and she showed me the chain of hobgoblin slaves she and her tribe-mates had sold to a dealer on this trip.

She agreed to give me her opinion on the auction slaves and we were heading over to that cave when a tiefling streetwalker caught my eye. She saw she had my lingering attention and sauntered over.

My lusty nature had seen me bed just about every type of woman I found attractive, and yes, half-infernal tieflings were not exotic to me. What had had me mesmerized were the clash of her very revealing outfit with her dauntingly impressive muscles.

"Looking for company, surfacer?" she beckoned.

"Not on the wrestling mat, no."

Ursa, who had been a bit annoyed by my roving eye, burst out laughing.

The tiefling was just a bit shorter than myself, but stocky for her muscles, yet still feminine in the way that excessively muscled women have trouble maintaining.

"Are you sure about that?" asked the tiefling. "Wouldn't you like to know how it feels to be crushed beneath these? That's exactly what my clients like."

She flexed her muscles, and gave Ursa a glance as well. "Your friend there is big, but she lacks... definition."

Ursa harrumphed and tried to look bored, but I think she was impressed as well. In any case, I gave the tiefling an appreciative look over.

"What else do your clients like?"

"They're mostly drow, scholars, and merchants. Almost never warriors. They just want to know what a strong woman feels like. Either on the bottom or on the top. Usually from behind, either way." wink.

"Maybe. Do you do the 'tail thing'?"

Her eyes widened and her maw dropped. She looked to my new companion who was similarly surprised. They burst out laughing.

"Woo! Kinky! That'll cost you extra, honey!" she laughed.

She brought her prehensile tail up to stroke my behind brazenly. I caressed and lightly massaged it.

Tieflings were a very varied bunch, with different styles of horns and tails. Hers was snaky, and smooth of any scales. Very likely she was of only weak tiefling blood. Normally their tales are not prehensile, so she was showing remarkable control and skill.

"Ooh... Keep that up and I might just give you a discount," she sighed.

"To be honest, I don't even know what the 'tail thing' is," I confessed.

"Oh! Well, where'd you hear about it?"

"From someone who said she wasn't very good in bed and didn't do it."

"I see..." She wriggled her tail over to Ursa and boldly rubbed it just under her breasts, inching up slowly to the marvelous cleavage between the firm mounds pressed together by her patchwork armor of stiff hides. "Are you into the tail thing?"

"Oh, gods, no. And if anyone tried it on me, I'd tear their tail off."

The tail flicked away immediately.

"Look, can one of you please tell me what this 'tail thing' is?"

"I'd prefer to show you, darling," she cooed. "But it might take a while to show you all the possibilities..."

"And how long is 'a while'?"

"A couple of hours at least. Normally 20 gold, but 18 just for you. Only ten extra if she wants to join us."

"What's your name, beautiful?"

"My name is anything you need it to be. But you can call me Ornella for now."

"She's your type?" asked Ursa with one brow raised.

"What do you mean? Her sexy tail or her hard body?"

I ran my eyes up and down Ursa appreciatively and gave her a sly smile.

She didn't punch me in the face. This was good. She cracked just a tiny smile. That was even better.

"Thirty seems a bit steep if I could get three slaves in the market for the same price," I pointed out.

Ornella stiffened. "How dare you compare me to-- to-- meat!"

"'Meat'? Look, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you. This is my first time here."

Ornella looked at me askance, but softened her angry eyes.

"Actually Ursa, that was something I had wanted to ask you," I said. "How does a person end up her in the common market, instead of the slave auction or the special market?"

"The slave auction's mostly pit fighters or someone with a special skill, like magic. The common market... they're commoners. Or they're broken. Defeated. Their wills are gone. Even if they were warriors before, they'd never make it in the arena now. Look at them -- They're like sheep. There's no more fight in them. They're just good for cheap labour. Pit fighters are in demand because they can make you money in the arena, if you run a stable of fighters."

Ornella nodded. "Darling, if you bought one of them to share your bed, she'd have no more imagination than the basic in-and-out. With me, you get a special experience. The royal treatment -- I guarantee."

I looked over to the nearest slave dealer and scanned the faces and eyes of the slaves there. They were right. These were broken men and women waiting for death.

"I've seen that look before," Ornella sidled up behind me. "Don't think about them. You can't save them all."

I looked over at Ursa. She had a pensive, almost pained look. "Whenever we come, my tribe-mates and I buy every one of our people who has been taken slave. Only the gladiators beyond our ability to buy, but at least they have the glory of battle. And we bet on them to honor that. The slaves we sell buys the freedom of our people. In that I make my peace with what I do."

"And what of you?" asked Ornella softly.

"He's not slaver," Ursa reminded.

"Oh, right."

But how wrong they were.

The flirtatious mood had been most definitely ruined and the three of us parted ways for now. Ursa remembered an appointment at the arena, and we agreed to meet up again "tomorrow" at the slave auctions. In exchange for a dinner date, I got Ornella to finally brief me on the 'tail thing'.

In the caves, there was no day or night to mark today or tomorrow, but time and whether it was sunup or sundown in the surface world was kept for various purposes. For example, many of the Underdark denizens were not light-adapted so those who had business on the surface had some interest in whether it would be blinding day or comfortable night. For myself, the excitement of being in a new and wondrous and alien place kept fatigue away and I would have lost all sense of time and pressed on seeing more wonders and exploring the market if not for the clocks.

My next stop was back to the special auctions and the doppelganger's cage. She was napping again. While I waited for the auctioneer to finish speaking with another customer, I strode up to the Blue dragon.

"Guess what? I found out what the 'tail thing' is all about."


"Curious, are you?"


"I had to buy dinner for someone to find out. What are you offering?"

"You dare bargain with me?!" Blue rumbled.

The entire cave turned to see what the commotion was about.

"Maybe not..."

"That's much better."

I looked to my left then my right, then motioned him closer with my finger conspiratorially.

He leaned forward and I whispered it into his ear.

"Gods, that's disgusting! You humans..."

"Actually, a tiefling told it to me."

"Shameless strumpet! Well, of course it'd be a tiefling who'd be into it."

"Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it. At least that's what she said."

"Humph. If anyone did try it, I'd bite their tail off first."

"Funny, that's more or less what Ursa said..."

:Ah, you have returned,: the illithid auctioneer greeted.

:She's used goods. And broken. You can't possibly ask the reserve price.: I told him bluntly and crossed off my bid. :In fact, I'd be willing to bet that this... Bargle fellow who's put down the highest bid might not be too pleased to find out what I know.:

The illithid waved his tentacles furiously in obvious displeasure.

:But I will give you the reserve price IF...:


:That mental thing you did to find out her name... What else can you do?:

:Many things. Speak plainly and I can offer you a more useful answer.:

:Can you heal her mind?:

The illithid seemed to be taken aback by such an odd notion.

:I have never considered that. Her mind is not damaged per se. It is her thoughts. What she dwells on, and allows to paralyze her. Your kind frequently lack even the simplest discipline to ignore what is of no use. I think what you are asking is whether she can be made to stop feeling the pain of past traumas. Maybe even have them erased. That is not our specialty, but let me make an inquiry.:

He must have flashed some sort of question to his fellows because they all briefly paused, perhaps to consider his question. Maybe every illithid in the market heard it. Maybe every illithid everywhere, even. I was still absorbing the implications of such a network of swift and accurate mental communication, networking, and knowledge-sharing when he came back with the answer.

:I can arrange some psychic surgery. But as there is risk to the merchandise, I must ask for payment for her up front. At the reserve price. And no refunds. If she is damaged by the procedure, it is your loss.:

:And I pay nothing for this 'surgery' if it won't make her any better?:


:Done. What's the reserve price, then? And how much for the psychic surgery?:


It was now early evening. I swung by to invite Ornella to the inn where my mentor had arranged separate rooms for us. We had a delightful dinner where she ordered and gave me a proper introduction to the various foods of the Underdark. Then it was time to go upstairs and fool around with the tail thing. But more than that, I hoped.

"Thank you for dinner, love," Ornella hugged me warmly from behind. "Now can we play?"

"You bet."

Her eyes tinkled and she led me to sit beside her on the bed. She held my hands and her tail embraced me around the waist. She had a bouncy, girlish manner about her just now which was entirely unlike her wrestler's build.

"I'm so excited!" she gushed. "You're very different from my usual clientele. You've bought sex before, I can tell, but you're nice and charming. And that's a welcome change. Mostly I see timid guys with a fetish. Or drow males making up for an inferiority complex with drow women."

"Well, I'm excited to be with you too. And I must say your dexterity with your tail is impressive."

"Thank you, baby!"

She kissed me appreciatively on the cheek.

"I love being with someone enthusiastic. I hope we'll have a mutually satisfying time...?"

"Of course we will! But first things first. Let's get the business bit out of the way. Ten for an unhurried hour, eight for the 'extra'." She wiggled her eyebrows meaningfully and tickled me with the tip of her tail. "I'm also available for a dusk till dawn of bliss for a hundred. But that's only for connoisseurs, you know."

I brought a cold platinum bar to her cleavage and gently tucked it in.

"Oh my. You're making me fall in love with you," she smiled.

"I bet you say that to everyone."

"Not true! On my honour! You're not all business and I love that in a client. There are just far too few of you. I'm going to take such wonderful care of you."

I don't imagine that many of you will have been with, shall we say, "companions" before so allow me to point out a few things.

Firstly, laying with any companion comes with a certain amount of risk. She could have a murderous partner and is simply lowering the guard of her mark, for example. For that reason I commonly do not buy street-walkers but go through madams and establishments. The higher up in class and quality you go, the less risk there is of this, simply because those well-to-do courtesans have chosen their profession and most really have no more need of the money. Some other reason drives them. For instance, I've met those who do it for the thrill of being with movers and shakers, to have influence with them and, of course, to tap that influence once they've gotten such persons wrapped around their little finger.

I'm only 5'10". I'm more poet than scholar, and only of average build. She was shorter than me by a couple of inches, which made her quite tall by tiefling standards, but her build was impressive as I've mentioned, and quite possibly she was heavier than me. In any case, if she wanted to squash me like a bug, she could do it easily. And sad to say, for all her pleasant charm, she's merely a street-walker. This was uncommon risk for me, and I was relying on my judge of character.

"You seem to have dropped something... down there... Why don't you be a darling and take it out for me, hmm?" she grinned.

I slowly slid one hand between her warm, firm, cleavage, and probed unhurriedly  for the cool bar of platinum. She purred and writhed as I explored here and there, and paused when I found one nipple to tease it.

Tieflings for the most part have large horns that made them look like gazelles or rams. And fat, scaly tails that were lizardlike. Ornella had a smooth, slendar tail and quite small horns, and from a distance might have passed for a human. If I recollection of tiefling lore was correct, this implied that her family tree had frequently intermingled with those untainted by fiendish blood. The more dilute the fiendish element, the kinder the features.

Finally I teased the platinum bar out. She took it from me and kissed me firmly on the lips in the same motion. After tucking it in her purse, she undressed slowly and pushed me onto my back to do the same. While she slowly relieved me of my clothes, I felt her firm curves and caressed her arms, her hips, and her back. The roughness of which took me aback.

"Hmm?" she prompted, sensing something had changed.

"Your back."

"My scars? Do you want to see?"

"Yes. I will anyway before our time together is over."

She grinned and turned around. I sat up to inspect them more closely, to run my fingers down them here and there with teasing touches or firmer massages.

"Do they turn you off?" she asked.


"... Do they turn you on?"

I didn't really want to answer that.

"Where did you get them? Were you a slave?" I asked.

"Once. A long time ago. But I escaped. I had nothing except myself, and that's how I got into this line of work."

"Some of these are newer."

"Yes... As I mentioned before, I usually have only special clients. The drow, in particular like me. The men imagine me to be one of their powerful matrons. The women are turned on by power and domination, but there's little excitement for them to use the males of their kind that way. You may know that their society despises men and keeps them weak and unworthy of respect. So women are more exciting sexual conquests."

"And the scars?"

"Pain turns them on. Both the men and the women. ...Does it turn you on?"

When I didn't immediately answer, she turned around to look at me with amusement. "You can tell me. I'm here to please you in any way. And I can handle anything you want."

I raked my fingers down her back, though not so hard to be too painful. "I like some play to go with it."

We kissed. And kissed and kissed. Meanwhile, her practiced hands swiftly undressed me while mine explored every firm, exciting, part of her. Her athletic body and the lines and curves that came with well-defined muscles was rare and beautiful.

She took me all the way inside her hot mouth with its playful tongue, but only just long enough for me to be hard and ready for her. It was as if she couldn't wait for me to be inside her. Ornella got on all four and wiggled her ass and tail seductively. I obliged and teased her by very slowly entering her. The fit was heavenly in its heat and tightness and slippery wetness. She met my thrusts by ramming herself backward, as if wanting me ever deeper.

"Do it! Hurt me! Burn me with your hot seed!"


We lay quietly together a while, her head affectionately on my chest, and recovered our strength after that rigourous start to take the edge off our lusts.

"Are you ready for the 'tail thing'?" She grinned.

I kissed her, and nodded.

"Where do you like it?"

"Anywhere you want, honey," she winked.

I slid out from under her, and positioned her face down. I rummaged around for our belts, and stretched her arms out to a bedpost.

"Do you trust me?" I asked her.

She tensed but didn't panic yet.

"Once I start, I don't want to stop," I explained. "Does that frighten you?"

She looked me in the eyes for a long time, then shook her head.

"Does it excite you?"

"... A little. But only because it's you."

"I bet you say that to everyone."

"No, I don't. I don't let anyone tie me up."

I kissed her tenderly on the lips. "I'll have to make this extra-special then."

Using the belts I bound her wrists very securely to the bedposts. Then I kissed her again, and kissed my way slowly down that deliciously tanned and firm body to her hips. I propped two pillows under her, then teased her anus.

"Oh!" she started and twisted to look back.

I rubbed some lubricant on my fingers. She smacked her lips and closed her eyes to enjoy the ride.

(to be continued...)