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The Siren's Deception part 3

I'd patiently spent over two hours with Mirabelle and by the time I left, the sun had already set. I was getting tired after a very full day, and wanted to skip Gweden Farm entirely. Something was obviously up with Signy and Faustina, and since the Anvil City Watch was involved, it was probably illegal if not outright deadly, and it was best if I gave them a wide berth.

Gogan was intercepted me almost as soon as I stepped out of Mirabelle's boarding house for sailors, The Fo'c's'le.

"Friend, you're new in town, aren't you?"

"Yes. Um... Do I know you?"

"Gogan's the name. Look... I saw two girls come up to you earlier today. Signy and Faustina, right?"


"You're new so you might not know this, but they're trouble."

I took a quick look around to see if we were being noticed, then motioned him inside The Fo'c's'le.

"Let's cut to the chase: You're working with the Anvil City Watch and they need a patsy to catch these girls."

"What? I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, they're extortionists. You sound like you've figured out their game already -- Lure them in with sex, rob them when they're there. Yeah, I got taken in. I begged them not to take my wedding ring, but they didn't care. My wife's furious. She'll probably divorce me, but not before she gets the ring back. I NEED it back if I'm to have any chance of salvaging my marriage. If you're going to play hero and go see those two, can you get it back for me?"

"And you haven't reported this to the Watch because...?"

"Half of Anvil probably knows but I don't need the rest to know. Besides, they might bolt, and I'll lose the ring for good. You're new in town and not staying, right? If these girls utterly humiliate you, you can just skip town--These girls are hustlers but they're not murderers. Just don't take any more cash with you than you need to buy the ring back. They haven't pawned it -- I've checked the local shops."

His story was leaned on the implausible side. I was pretty sure he was actually a City Watchman undercover, but he wasn't admitting it and I might as well play along. I suppose if I busted up this gang, I could name-drop the Mages Guild somehow.
Maybe it was all that Legion indoctrination, but in the end I decided to be the patsy for the Anvil City Watch.

"And you'll give me the money to get your ring back?"

"When I see the ring -- Like I said, you could just skip town. Sorry, friend. Once bitten, twice shy. But you can hold on to the ring until I pay you for your expenses and a hazard bonus. Fair?"

"Alright. This had better be worth it. Now, have you seen Signy around?"


Of course he'd seen Signy around. He, or his partners, was keeping an eye on their prime suspects. I bought some flowers and candy, and went to find her as well ahead of our 11 o'clock rendezvous as I could. Fortunately, she wasn't with Faustina. They probably split up to look less conspiratorial heading up to Gweden Farm. Thanks to Gogan, I now knew where it was, and what a scenic route would be. I had a plan.

I pretended to be surprised to run into Signy, and as hoped, she was a bit flustered. After some coaxing and presenting her with the flowers, I managed to get her to walk with me to Gweden Farm, taking the scenic route. I lamely explained that I was new and didn't know the area well, and wanted especially to avoid the wolves.
That led to me sharing my experiences on Carahil's assignment, and then I swung the conversation to her and charmed her into telling me all about her.

She was from Bruma, but had no more ties there and left for warmer climes. She was terribly evasive about just what had happened in Bruma, and I didn't press her too hard at this early stage in our friendship. She otherwise took so well to being romanced, with bashful blushing and embarrassed, awkward thanks to genuine compliments that I was certain her villainous vocation had deprived her of opportunities to meet men interested in more than her delectable-looking body.

As hoped, we reached Gweden Farm very early, and that despite having to fend off a wolf attack together. It continues to astound me how dangerous Tamriel can be, when taking a romantic walk can cost you a body part.
The farmhouse looked deserted.

"I guess we're too early," she said, at a loss for what to do next.

"Can we go inside?"

"Well. We should wait for Faustina," she said, then tried to do her seductress thing. "Don't you want to play with both of us at the same time?"

I pretended not to notice how she'd gone all sultry and slutty and instead hend her hands warmly in mine.

"No," I replied.


"Signy, I really enjoyed our walk here and talking to you. I just want to spend more time with you while it's just the two of us."

"But-- Faustina won't be long."

"You're here now. And you're all that matters to me."

"I... I am?"

"I only have eyes for you. Only you."

I drew her close. I kissed her deeply and found her willing. My hands roamed her body, making her moan. When my thumbs found her nipples, they were hard and erect.

"It's chilly," she stammered in explanation.

"We should go inside. And light a fire."

If only to escape embarrassment at my discover of her arousal, she quickly agreed. After some fumbling with the key we were in. I busied myself with the fireplace while she lit some candles.

Gweden Farm really was, as Mirabelle has said, a cathouse. It was a small place, and around us on the ground floor was a luxuriously appointed red velvet themed bedroom. There was no upper floor, but a basement.

"What's down there?"

"Oh, just the basement. Some beds, the larder. Nothing special."

I opened the door and went down.

"Wait!" she cried and had no choice but to follow me down.

I had a candle with me and proceeded to light the various candleholders. There was a little storage room, left ajar, with various articles of men's clothing and some curios. Including a ring that was very much like what Gogan described.

"What's this?"

"Oh... Um..."



"Signy, what's going on? I thought I knew you... All those things you told me on our walk..."

"They're true--"

"Then what's this?"

"I-- I can explain."

"How many men have you seduced?"

"No! I've never slept with any of those men."

"Signy, I was falling in love with you."

"Me too! I mean, I--"

She looked genuinely anguished and bit her lip. Her eyes darted about, not sure how to reconcile things. The pain in her eyes told me she wasn't a hardened criminal, and maybe it was extraordinarily cruel to lead her on the way I had. There wasn't time for an exit strategy, either. If we both survived Faustina, I might have to marry her.
Although if she really were the sweet girl Mirabelle thought her to be, I don't think she'd be a bad catch.

"You were?" I tried to look both surprised and gratified.

I grabbed her and kissed her passionately, my hands chastely at her waist and on her back. When many long moments passed and we finally came up for air, she immediately kissed me back. Then we fell to the ground and after some horribly awkward fumbling on her part to take off her dress (clearly she wasn't a prostitute, and whatever scheme she had with Faustina didn't involve getting naked), we gave in to our passion.

Signy Home-Wrecker by Fantasy_Art

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